Server-side PDF Signing

ADSS Signing Server
This demo allows you to register for a unique signing key on the server and subsequently you can use this to sign a PDF document on the server. Note all aspects of the signature appearance on the PDF document (e.g. company logo, hand-signature image, etc.) and the position of the signature on the page are configurable in the signing API, we only show a few basic options here.

Existing Users:
New Users:
Fill in a simple registration form which
will generate your signing keys on the server:
Select your document
Use a standard contract.pdf document
already held on the server (View PDF)
Use my own document, which I will
upload (see note below on restrictions
on document size)
Add your signature related info
Select the type of PDF signature to apply
Visible signature
Certified signature
Invisible signature
Select to create Long-term signature
Create Long-term signature
Timstamped & Embedded
certificate status info
This free signing service is for demo/testing purposes only and powered by ADSS Signing Server (J2EE application).

ADSS Signing Server uses a flexible web services API (OASIS DSS and optimized HTML) to create exactly the type of signatures you need from your business applications. All the hassle of creating signatures, managing keys and ensuring highest levels of security is removed. Automated signing from an application, i.e. in unattended mode, is also easily achieved as well as unique signature key handling per user.

We have chosen a fixed signature position on the page for these demos. Note when signing real documents your business application can select to sign anywhere on the page by either providing the X/Y co-ordinates in the signing request or pre-configuring these co-ordinates on the server. Click here to see a few example signature appearances which can be created. You can also sign specific page numbers or multiple signatures in one go.

The ADSS server can utilize many different signing keys for different departmental units, groups or individual users. Strict identification and authentication, access control and authorization checks are performed to control client applications access to specific signing keys managed on the server.

If you are using your own PDF file – note that we restrict the file size to a maximum of 1024 KB.

In this demo we authenticate the signer using just a User ID and password, however the business application could use multiple user authentication options.

Signatures can be applied within specific blank signature fields or stamped anywhere on the document, depending on business need.