Ascertia provides an RFC 6960 compliant OCSP service for several CAs. You can also use your RFC 6960 compliant OCSP client applications against this service (see the note below). Alternatively you can perform a simple manual certificate validation using the web form below.
Select your Certificate
Select issuing Certificate Authority (CA)
Select Target Certificate
By entering certificate serial number (in Hex)*

By entering certificate file
(in .crt or .cer format)

This free OCSP service is for demo/testing purposes only and powered by ADSS OCSP Server (J2EE application). This web application uses a standard OCSP request to determine the revocation status of the target certificate. The OCSP response is then displayed in the result page. It retrieves certificate status information from these CAs based on unique polling policies and mechanisms.

Separately our ADSS Signing Server product also provides the ability to verify the full digital signature rather than only the signer’s certificate. The signature verification demos are located here.

This free OCSP service responds only for registered CAs. If you would like to have a CA registered within this free OCSP service then please email with your details. We are able to respond quickly to reasonable business requests.

You can directly test your OCSP client applications against the Ascertia's OCSP Service located on the following address:

OCSP responses will be signed by the ADSS OCSP Server using the RSA/SHA1 algorithm. The certificate used to verify the OCSP responses is available here. Your OCSP client applications must trust this certificate in order to verify the signature on the OCSP responses correctly.