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Free and Low Cost Digital Certificates

Ascertia provides free (short life) and chargeable long-term digital certificates that can be used effectively within test, demonstration and closed PKI environments.

Product Name Duration Unit Price Purchase Try Free
Email / document signing
To secure emails and sign documents i.e. PDF, Word etc.
7* Buy Try
SSL Server
To secure a single web-domain.
17* Buy Try
Wild Card SSL
To Secure multiple domains.
20* Buy Try
Code Signing
To secure java applets and code and / or Microsoft Authenticode.
17* Buy Try
Time Stamping
To issue Timestamps.
17* Buy Try
To secure IP connections.
17* Buy Try
SSL Client
SSL Client Certificate.
7* Buy Try

Note Ascertia Root Certificate Authority is not embedded within Windows or the common browsers but can be downloaded from here and easily added.

If your certificates will be used by third parties you may need to consider other embedded trust providers. Ascertia Free Trial digital certificates are provided with a 30-day validity. You can buy low cost code signing certificates, SSL certificates, SSL wild card certificates, timestamping certificates, IPSec certificates and email signing certificates. Ascertia provides some of the lowest prices for digital certificates available on the web to help people test, develop and use PKI solutions.

Free Certificate
Free SSL, Email, Code Signing Certificate

Free SSL, Email, Code Signing and other certificates are offered so that you can try out our Certification Authority service. It ensures you get to test the type of certificate you need thus avoiding mistakes. You should ensure that the free SSL, Email and Code Signing certificate works successfully with your application(s) before proceeding to purchase a certificate, since there will be no technical difference between a free trial certificate and a purchased one.

Free Certificate
Low Cost SSL, Email, Code Signing Certificate

Low cost certificates are offered for all popular certificate types, but with a longer validity period. Check the pricing above for one, two and three year certificate lifetimes. If you have specific requirements for example concerning longer validity timeframes, advanced certificate types or specific key lengths, please contact us.

CA Certificate
Download Ascertia Root CA Certificate
The Ascertia Root CA self-signed certificate contains the Ascertia Root CA public key. This is the final trust point (also known as trust anchor) within the Ascertia PKI; all certificates paths end with this Root certificate. By downloading and installing this certificate you will therefore be able to verify the trustworthiness of other certificates issued within the Ascertia PKI.

On Microsoft® browsers, simply select "open" the file and then select "install certificate". This will automatically save the certificate in your trusted certificate store. If you prefer to store the certificate on your disk rather than loading it into your certificate store, please select the "save" option. Internet browsers from other vendors also have similar functionality.

Please read the important terms and conditions before using the Ascertia Root CA certificate.

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